An individual’s horoscope is divided into 12 Bhavas or houses. Based on the way the planets and rashi are placed from lagna point of view, a person’s birth chart is analyzed which helps us understand the various aspects and events of one’s life.
Lagnasthan, Tanur Bhava (Sun),Dhanasthan, Dhana Bhava (Jupiter, Mercury),
Parakramsthan, Bhatru Bhava (Mars, Mercury),Sukhasthan, Matru Bhava (Moon),
Putrasthan, Putra Bhava (Jupiter),Shatru sthana, Shatru Bhava (Mars, Saturn),
Bharyasthan, Kalatra Bhava (Venus, Jupiter),Mrutyusthan, Ayur Bhava (Saturn),
Bhagyasthan, Bhagya Bhava (Jupiter),Pitrusthan, Karma Bhava (Mercury, Jupiter, Sun) etc.
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