Umm-e-Habiba (رضي الله عنها) was the daughter of Abu Sufyan, the leader of the Quraysh. Her name was “Ramla” before she accepted Islam. Umm-e-Habiba (رضي الله عنها) was a sister of Ameer Muawiyah (رضي الله عنها). She embraced Islam along with her husband, Ubaydullah ibn Jahsh, and migrated to Abyssinia. She endured the pain of living far from Makkah, her home town, and the difficulty of living in poverty, despite having come from a wealthy family. Then, her husband became a Christian, indulged in drinking, and soon died. Left all alone, she found life becoming even more difficult.
However, Islam for her was more precious than any other thing. She could endure any difficulty but could not give up Islam. She remained in Abyssin and followed Islam with all her heart. For more details visit, The Saudi Expats.
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